to page:     Blues On The Double Buck Clayton 920 Special Murphy  no sco After Theatre Jump Hudson  sco Ain't it the Truth Harding  no sco Apollo's holiday Clayton  sco Avenue C Clayton  no sco Baby, don't tel on me  no sco Basie Blues Hathaway no sco   Basie Boogie Hathaway sco  Beaver Junction Harding  Big Action Clayton  sco Bill's Mill  Hudson  Blue and Sentimental Hathaway  Blue Room Jump Norman  sco Blues Boogie Harding Basie serie  sco Boogie Woogie Norman  Brushes Mundy  Coming out Party  no sco  Dagwood  Hovsepian  sco Dance of the Gremlins Clayton  Destination KC Clayton  Diggin' for Dex Hathaway  Don't You Miss Your Baby Hathaway  Down for Double Murphy  Early Bright Basie serie  no sco Every Tub Clayton  Fiesta in Blue Mundy  Futile frustration Mundy  Glider, The Harding  Goin' to Chicago Blues Hathaway  Good morning Blues Hathaway  no sco Guest in the  Nest Basie serie sco Harvard Blues Hathaway  no sco Hey Rube! Thompson  sco High Tide Norman  sco Hollywood Jump Hathaway  It's Sand Man Clayton  Jive at five Hathaway  John's Idea Hathaway  Jumpin' At The Theresa - Fred Norman Jumpin' at the Woodside Hathaway  no sco Jumpin' for Maria Ba sie serie no sco Kansas City Keys Harding   sco Kansas City Stride Hudson    sco Love Jumped Out Clayton  no sco limeted trading Mad Boogie, the Harding   no sco Miss Thing Hathaway  no sco Mutton Leg Hudson  sco On The Ball Clayton  On The Upbeat Jacobs  sco One O'Clock Jump Clayton  no sco Out The Window Hathaway   no sco Pannassie Stomp Hathaway  sco Pound Cake Harding  Queer Street Mundy  sco Rattle and Roll Clayton  sco Red Bank Boogie Clayton  Riff Interlude Hathaway  Rockabye Basie Hathaway  Rockin' the Blues Murphy  Roseland Shuffle Hudson  no sco Royal flush Hathaway  Rusty Dusty blues Mersey  Sent for You Yesterday Hathaway  no sco Seventh Avenue Express Clayton  sco Shorty George Hathaway  Solid Stuff Murphy  sco Sub-deb Blues Hathaway  Swing Shift Clayton  sco Swingin' the Blues Hathaway  no sco TC Boogie Woogie Harding  sco Taps Miller Clayton  Taxi War Dance Hathaway  The King Basie serie no sco Tickle-Toe Harding  no sco Tippin' on the QT Clayton   sco Tom Thump Murphy  sco Topsy Battle Durham  no sco Tuesday At Ten Martin  Tune Town Shuffle Mundy  no sco Vulcano Harding  sco            Wiggle Woogie Murphy  We have quite a few hard to find Count Basie stock charts, from his first band. All long out of print. We got them form various sources, some pristine scanned from like new original prints, some badly scanned from bad Xerox copies. In the original line-up of 5 brass, 4 saxes, or already in the 8 brass 5 saxes line-up. Early Basie stock charts 1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10  11  12  13  14  15  16  17  18  19  20  21  22  23  24  25